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Music, Dance and Theatre Arts

Welcome to Music, Dance and Theatre Arts!

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On our website you can read Lane Music, Dance, and Theatre Arts News, meet the staff of the Music, Dance, and Theatre Departments, view the most current performance schedule, and learn about the resources available to our students. Discover how we can help you develop your artistic side and how you can help us maintain an interesting and diverse community! Also find out about our Performance Hall.

For Performance information about plays, please call Lead Theatre Instructor Brian Haimbach at 541-463-5648.

Our Philosophy:

Like the natural sciences and the humanities, the arts are a way of knowing and a kind of knowledge. Music, Dance and Theatre develop the natural, primitive communion of our minds and bodies into complex skills that create patterns of sound and movement we call music, acting or dance. These arts are enhanced with crafts practiced by scenic and lighting designers, carpenters, electricians, sound engineers and costume and makeup artists. The performing arts are at once personal and social, lonely and collaborative. They generate community and depend upon it. Teaching these arts (and learning them) involves individuals exploring and shaping their whole selves into art for their own and their audiences' growth and entertainment. To teach, practice and promote the performing arts is the calling of our faculty, in which they are supported by the department's staff and administrator.

Contact the Music, Dance, and Theatre Arts Department at

4000 E. 30th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97405

Phone: (541) 463-3108
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