Student Learning Assessment

2017-18 Assessment Project Request for Proposals (due Nov. 13)

Are you ready to take your assessment process to the program/discipline level with a team of colleagues? If you have refined your course learning outcomes, mapped your curriculum/courses to CLOs, and embedded Course and Core Learning outcomes in course materials, you may be ready to develop the tools, measures, assignments, and supplemental materials used to assess student attainment of course and Core Learning outcomes. Project funding is available for teams to participate in an assessment project that will eventually lead to artifact assessment. Use this link to find information about project proposals and the online submission form

Assessment Fellowship Opportunities (due Nov. 13)

Faculty members are invited to apply to be Assessment Fellows. An Assessment Fellow is a faculty member who is interested in faculty professional development and assessment and is willing to commit to leading work that creates a clear pathway to artifact assessment at the division, discipline, department, or program level. Both part-time and full-time faculty are encouraged to apply. Use this link to find information about fellowships and prepare your application.

What is assessment?

Lane's vision is to transform students' lives through learning, but how do we know this is so? To know, we must develop clear learning outcomes and evaluate our curriculum and pedagogical practices regularly to ensure a quality learning environment. Assessment of student learning focuses on students' attainment of knowledge and skills at the course and program or discipline level. This is accomplished by infusing the curriculum with general education learning outcomes intended to prepare students for success in the 21st century.

Assessment is at the heart of teaching and learning: Classroom teachers assess student performance all the time, often on a daily basis, gauging student mastery of course objectives/learning outcomes. At a shared course, sequence, department or program level, however, “assessment” necessitates that faculty articulate clearly to students and other stakeholders a shared understanding of what students will learn, how they will do so, and to what degree they will demonstrate proficiency.

Lane's Core Learning Outcomes

Role of assessment and general education at Lane: At Lane, the cross-discipline, general education goals that bisect our transfer and Career Technical education curriculum are called Core Learning Outcomes (CLOs). They represent the transferable skills that an educated citizen should possess. Such skills enable an individual to live, work, and think productively in our increasingly complex, global society. 

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