Adult Basic and Secondary Education

Congratulations! You are on your way at Lane.

Are you ready to take the next step?

This is the Adult Basic & Secondary Education (ABSE) Department—the place where thousands of people before you began on their road to success—and you can too! One Lane student, Annie McKenny, won Dream Big honors for her digital story showcased below. It is a story so many of our students can relate to.

Here are your first three steps:

Step #1: Identify your goals:

There are several tracks at Lane ABSE. Choose one of the links above for information about the different tracks in our program.

Step 2: Attend an orientation.

All ABSE/GED students are placed into classes by taking CASAS assessment tests during a mandatory orientation. Orientations are scheduled at least twice each term. See the orientation schedule here.

Step 3: Find a class schedule that fits your schedule and location.

To do that, follow these links:

Or call one of our friendly staff at an office near you. See the gold box on this page for a list of phone numbers.

For answers to all your questions

ABSE Contacts and Hours

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